Trieu Thuan Daycare Center
  Remembering John Borman
John Borman was a U.S. Marine who served in Quang Tri Province during the Vietnam war. He later became a valued member of the D.O.V.E. Fund and was responsible for the development of funding for at least ten projects in Quang Tri.

In memory of John and his contribution to the children of Vietnam, the D.O.V.E. Fund will dedicate the Trieu Thuan Daycare Center to John Borman.

Trieu Thuan Commune
The Trieu Thuan daycare center is part of the Trieu Thuan commune in Trieu Phong district which is located in Central Vietnam's Quang Tri Province. There are 1,230 families spread among a population of nearly 4500 people. 10% of those able to work are fishermen who work along the river of the commune. Many others can be seen working on the coastline of the East Sea harvesting a variety of seafood including clams, shrimp and shellfish. The remaining 90% of workers spend their days toiling in the low-lying rice paddies. Their income is low and unpredictable since their efforts are often thwarted by monsoon rains and floods which regularly occur in the rainy season.

  Map showing the location of the Trieu Thuan School area

  Existing Daycare Facility
The expansion of this daycare center is critical to the economic welfare of the families of Trieu Thuan commune. Since both parents often have to work either on the water or in the rice fields, staying home to care for the child poses an economic hardship for many families.

The existing daycare center was built in 20 years ago with three classrooms and a small kitchen. Over the years, as the population in the commune has grown, overcrowding in the classrooms has become a serious issue. With a total of 101 children ranging in age from 3-6 years produces a typical class size of 34 students per class. The new proposal would add two new classrooms which will provide an ideal class size of 25 children with two teachers per class. This is essential for good health, safety and discipline. Additional restrooms are also included in the proposal.

But perhaps the most important issue is that attending school with other children plays a vital role in the preparation of learning and the social development of each child.

  Photo the Current School Building
The school grounds have an area that has already been selected for the new school building location.

  Photo of location for the new school building
Project Information
  There’s an urgent need to build two more classrooms with toilets in Trieu Thuan daycare center campus for the children to get an early start on their education.

The cost for this project is:                        $52,087       
Local families have agreed to fund:                $6,038
Support needed from the D.O.V.E. Fund:     $46,049

  Proposed Building Design

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