The D.O.V.E. Fund Song
  The D.O.V.E. Song  
  View The D.O.V.E Fund Song, Slide Show Presentation.  
Dan May Reflects on the D.O.V.E. Song
  The D.O.V.E. Song  
  Dan May Singer and Song Writer of the D.O.V.E. Fund Song  
The D.O.V.E. Fund Song
  The D.O.V.E. Song with Children  
  View The D.O.V.E Fund Song being sung by the Children in Vietnam.  
The D.O.V.E Fund Video
  Dove Fund Video  
  Learn more about The D.O.V.E Fund, our people, our mission, our projects & More.  
Honoring Michael Batt
  Honoring Michael Batt Video  
  School built in memory of Michael Batt, a local G.I. that lost his life in Vietnam.  
J.M. and D.O.V.E. Team Up
  John Marshal andl D.O.V.E. Build School  
  John Marshall High School team up with D.O.V.E. Fund to build a nursery school in Vietnam.  
Audio Books for the Blind
  Vietnam Audio Books for the Blind Program  
  The story of Mark Sathe, founder of the Vietnam project providing audiobooks for blind students.  
NBC24 Coverage
  NBC24 Coverage of D.O.V.E. Video  
  Learn more about The D.O.V.E Fund, our people, our mission, our projects & More.  
Veteran Dr. treats G.I.s
  Doctor Treats Wounded G.I.s In Germany  
  Vietnam Veteran, Dr. Steven Gale treats injured GI's overseas and talks about his expierences.  
Project RENEW in Vietnam
  Chuck Searcy  
  View the Video about Chuck Searcy and Project RENEW.  
CBS Coverage
  CBS Coverage of D.O.V.E. Video  
  Learn more about The D.O.V.E Fund, returning the Vietnamese Helmet for soldier Bui Duc Hung.  
Leper Village Visit
  PET and D.O.V.E Cart  
  The D.O.V.E. Fund visited a Leper Village to distribute Bandages and Clothing  
P.E.T. and D.O.V.E. Fund
  PET and D.O.V.E Cart  
  View Hearts for Hue
2013 P.E.T. Cart Distribution.
Scholarship Program
  Scholarship Video  
  View the D.O.V.E. Fund Scholarship
Program Video.
The D.O.V.E. Fund and Hearts for Hue - 2014
  Hearts For Hue - Video  
  The D.O.V.E. Fund and Hearts for Hue Teamed up for charity events.  
Hearts For Hue-2014
  Hearts For Hue  
  Wheel Chairs sponsored by The D.O.V.E. Fund and P.E.T. will be distributed to 175 people.  
P.E.T. Project
  Woman rides away with mobility for the first time in her life

The D.O.V.E. Fund
15 Years of Service
  Hearts for hue congratulates The D.O.V.E. Fund for 15 years of serving the people in Vietnam.  
P.E.T. Carts in Quang Tri
  Mobility from P.E.T. Carts, donated by the D.O.V.E. Fund in January 2014.  
2011 Trip - Slide Show
  2011 Trip Slide Show  
  Members of The D.O.V.E. Fund returned to Vietnam in 2011  
Thua Thien Hue Center
Chicken Project
  Hearts for Hue - Chicken Project  
  The D.O.V.E. Fund and Hearts for Hue partnered on a project to raise chickens.  
D.O.V.E. Fund helps Disabled
  2014 - Micro-Finance Update  
  Mr. Duong received his P.E.T. cart for Mobility  
2014 Micro-Finance
  2014 - Micro-Finance Update  
  Update on the Micro-Finance Projects  
2015 D.O.V.E. Fund
Celebration Update
  2015 - Project Update  
  Update from Hearts for Hue on the
Fund's Projects and Celebration
2015 Micro-Finance
  2015 - Micro-Finance Update  
  Hearts for Hue presents an update on Micro-Finance Projects  
Warm Up Childrens Feet
Shoe Project -2014
  2014-Shoe Project Update  
  Update from Hearts for Hue on the
Shoe Project
D.O.V.E. Fund Supports Hai Truong Day Care Center
  Hai Troung Special Ask  
  Video Presentation for
The Maumee Rotary Club
Hai Troung - Update
  Hai Troung Day Care  
  Watch the Hai Troung Day Care
Center construction process
Solar Lights - 2015
  Edision Foundation  
  Watch as Solar Lights are being installed  
Scholarship Special Ask
  Chemistry Lab  
  View the short video on
Hong Thuy Latrine Project
  Hong Thuy Commune  
  Learn about the Latrine and Shower
Project in the Houng Thuy Commune
Gio My Daycare Center
  Harbour Ridge Daycare Center  
  Learn about the 2 classroom
addition provide by Harbour Ridge
Agent Orange Community Center
  Harbour Ridge Daycare Center  
  Expansion of the Tay Ninh
Province Day Care Center
Comments from a Donor
  Mike Seeley  
  Comments from a Long Time
Supporter of the D.O.V.E. Fund
Harbour Ridge Daycare Center
  Harbour Ridge School  
  A look inside the new
Harbour Ridge Daycare Center
D.O.V.E. Fund - 20 Year Anniversary
  20 Year Video  
  The D.O.V.E. Fund Celebrates 20 Years of Aid in Vietnam  
Cam Lo Elementary
Classroom Library
  Cam Lo School  
  Books shape the students
will for learning
Quang Dien District
Hand Washing Stations
  Hand Washing Statins  
  Updates on the Handwashing Stations  
Veteran Jim Crigler
  Jim Crigler  
  Vietnam Veteran honors Gols Star Families  
Project Review-2022
  Project Review  
  Humanitarian Project that were completed in 2022  


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